Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Sunday Sermon Series November 15, 2020

Hello folks. Here again we have a drawing I did while listening to a sermon at church. The topic was that Jesus is coming back, and we Christians need to live like we know it, expect, and can't wait for Him to return! You can listen to the sermon that I heard here, I recommend it. Luke 12:35-59 is the scripture we are looking at today.

Here we see Jesus arriving at my house. It is either the middle of the night, or I'm just getting up. Jesus is calling me to come with Him. It is time. I seem surprised don't I? I do. I won't lie to you my friends, I love Jesus, but I have had a hard time this year finding joy. I have struggled, having good days and bad days remembering that I am saved, that God has a plan, God has already won.

So when the pastor spoke about "living in LIGHT of His return" I took notice. The master is coming. Have faith in Him, anything else is fake, temporary at best.

Read Luke 12:57-59. Jesus is coming back. When He does, it will not be peaceful. There will be judgement. The price for sin will be payed. As for me, if that time comes in my lifetime I will be found doing His work.

I almost included this illustration with my previous post, as I felt they worked so well as book end concepts: accepting Jesus in your heart and then living in light of His return. But then I decided that while that is true, most people won't invest the time required to read a post that is long enough to describe both concepts. No need to drive people away.

This pencil sketch was done with a Pentel .7mm P207 mechanical pencil in a Pentalic Sketchbook on 70lb paper. It was scanned and then colorized in PhotoShop. I hope you enjoyed this post, and that it encouraged you, made you think, or challenged you. God bless, and have a great day! --Ryan

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