Thursday, December 10, 2020

More Chickens

Hey howdy hey everybody! Today I have a rough drawing of some chickens done for a book project I am working on. This one is written and illustrated by yours truly. These characters are background, and help set the mood at the big game.

I'll trace these roughs onto 80lbs. paper and do the final drawings this afternoon. I should be done by tomorrow evening.

These drawings are done on tracing paper. I scan and enlarge the thumbnail sketches that I draw in my sketchbook, print them out and trace for the roughs. I try to work out the lighting( shading) and textures in rough drawings. Then I trace again for the final. Tracing paper allows for easy revisions, you can erase and redraw easily as it doesn't effect the tooth like it does on paper.

I really love the tones/values and textures I can get on tracing paper. I think that on the next book project I tackle I might use vellum, as it is similar to tracing paper only heaivier. When you scan tracing paper it is so light it always buckles and shows wrinkles in the light areas. Not so with vellum.

Another difference in this drawing (and with tracing paper and vellum) is that I got very smooth gradations by using a blending stump, which I normally never use. In the background of the yelling fan I used a blending stump. I think it would be fun to do a book using stumps, and vellum. Exciting huh? Yeah, I know. *wink-wink*

As always I hope that you enjoyed this post, and that God will richly bless you this day. --Ryan

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