Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New Animation Tools = New Animation!

Ice Skating Test Animation from ryanloghry

Hi everyone! Merry Christmas! I've been saving up for almost a year now, and last week for my birthday/early Christmas present I got the rest of the funds needed to get the Production Premium Adobe package I've been needing for a few years. Adobe has finally added inverse kinematics, and what they are calling 3D options, and I'm am very excited about the special effects possible in After Effects(like the snow you see in this animation). So I sat down over the weekend and put this little loop together. I only had a couple of hours to devote to it, but I learned SO MUCH. My hope is to continue to add to this piece, to make it more interesting. Here is the original Christmas card from last year, so you can see the starting point for this animation:

I just had to share the fun and excitement I feel. Enjoy! (P.S. I set the animation up to loop, so don't wait for it to end, cause it won't.