Friday, November 13, 2015

Celtic Cross Postcards

Hello friends and neighbors! Over on my Etsy store I am proud to announce I now have sets of postcards featuring some of my Celtic cross drawings from the last year. Aside from being more affordable than the original drawings I sell in my store, these cards are in color! Ooo... Ahhh!

I've enjoyed drawing these crosses over the last year. I also appreciate the Etsy marketplace. They make it possible for an artist like me to operate a small business because they don't take the lion's share of the profit (unlike the self publishing print on demand options available these days).

It was hard to pick which 6 crosses to include in the set. I like them all. It was harder than I expected to get the people around me to help decide. In America I just expect everyone to have an opinion and be willing to share it. Haha... I'm being funny.

If you have any questions leave a comment. I hope you like these cards, and as always I hope you will share the link with anyone who might be interested. Thanks for stopping by, a God bless. --Ry