Monday, July 24, 2017

Work, work, work... Yay!

It's been over a month since I posted on the blog here, because I've been so very busy. Which is a great thing. Lots of jobs going right now, including a big one with lots of drawings. So I haven't had time to do anything extra to post here. This post may be short, but I really liked these drawings.

The animated gif you see here is a collection of drawings created for some icons that were rejected and will never be used(at least on this project). As I am not one to be wasteful I thought I would share them here.

In my teen years I spent a lot of time drawing skulls. I considered them fun to draw, and a lot of album covers and T-shirts I wore in those days had skulls on them. I outgrew that though, and only draw them now if a project calls for it. If you can't tell from the drawings(especially the sombrero and cactus) the project has a Mexican theme.

These pencil sketches were done with a Pentel .7mm P207 mechanical pencil, and a Staedtler 1.3mm pencil in a Pentalic Sketchbook on 70lb paper. They were scanned and then colorized in PhotoShop. I hope you enjoyed this post. God bless, and have a great day! --Ryan