Friday, July 19, 2013

God = Buoyancy

One of the things I learned while on the youth outreach trip to Friday Harbor last week was God = Buoyancy. And that the "u" comes BEFORE the "o" in buoyancy.

I've heard/read verses saying God is always with us before(Matthew 28:20; and Joshua 1:9), but the word picture that Steve Jensen painted really struck home. God isn't something I add on when things get tough, when I'm at the trough of a wave to keep me from being swamped and sinking. And my life is not one long crest because I'm a Christian. Nor is God simply there to get me from crest to crest. God like buoyancy is an integral aspect of my life. Always with me along the journey, always keeping me afloat.

As I listened to Steve's lesson on this topic I created the sketch that became the color illustration you see here. It would be fun to animate this into a looping cycle, but I'll never have that much spare time. I thought it would be a good way to start out a new series of sketch/posts though. When I'm listening to a sermon I sketch main points that stick in my head, it helps me retain the lesson past the Sunday I hear it. I plan to do a little clean up on the sketches and post them here. I hope you enjoy them.