Friday, December 8, 2017

Ordinary Day

I was stuck on the phone earlier this week with Centurylink, a telecommunications company that routinely disrupts our family life out here on the edge of the wilderness. They are a frustrating company to deal with at best.

As I spoke with their representatives, waited on hold, explained again, waited on hold held again, waited, explained, etc. etc. I doodled the happy/adorable (hopefully I pulled that off) hearts and clouds and rainbow you see here, as a way to keep myself from falling into the sin of anger.

Don't get me wrong. Jesus is much more than a smiley face I focus on in frustrating times. God is there in good times, terrible times, and all of the run of the mill, mundane times I face from day to day. Allistair Begg said in a sermon (The Mystery of History at Truth for Life) on the book of Ruth, that God is still at work in the ordinary things of life. The series of sermons he did on the book of Ruth (God of the Ordinary) are excellent by the way, you should give all nine of them a listen.

And that put me in mind of something we discussed in Sunday School recently about keeping our focus on God. Not as a lucky charm, or mental diversion. I keep my focus on God because that is how I should live every minute of my life, because Jesus is the example of how I am to live(Ephesians 5:1). Because if I am doing that then I will remember that the person on the other end of the line is a person that Jesus loves just as much as He loves me. And I can remember that even if it takes them 25 minutes just to pull up my account, that I should treat them just the same as I would like to be treated, kindly. With respect. Love one another baby.

So as I waded through the customer service call I doodled and thought about that sermon, and the lesson from Sunday School, and about Jesus, I rested in the truth that Jesus walks with me through every kind of day. I kept my temper. I spoke pleasantly (but sternly) with the Centurylink representatives. I didn't do it through gritted teeth, I did it sincerely. Not through my power, but through His.

As a bonus I now have this little animation to share with you. May it bring a smile to your face. More importantly may the words I have written here encourage and or challenge you. God bless, and have a great day! --Ryan