Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Monkey Shines

Good morning folks! Today I have an old image, with a new twist. This enthusiastic monkey(in black and white form) originally graced the back side of my self promotional postcards, along with my contact info.

The new twist is that it is now in color. I was posting to FB, and wanted an image to represent my site for a link within the post. So I colorized the drawing and put my web address on it. Unfortunately in a FB post you can't move elements around like a blog post. Images get lumped together in the bottom of your post. And you can't move an image up in a post to go below a specific paragraph. Since I wanted to post another link (to Vimeo) later in the post I couldn't use the finished color monkey in the FB post.

So you get to enjoy it here on the blog! I've always liked this drawing. Playful, good tone values, and it's got a monkey.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this image, and post. I hope your day goes well, where ever you are. God bless, and thank you for stopping by. --Ryan