Friday, April 26, 2013

Gospel & Grub

Gospel & Grub from ryanloghry on Vimeo.
I created this animated short to promote a dinner and gospel sing night at Hockinson Community Church, to raise money for one of the missionaries we (and Yacolt E-Free Church) support - Jill Wellman. Jill is taking a team on an outreach trip this summer (2013). The deadline was extremely short, I had a week start to finish. I'm not thrilled with the audio quality, but I did the best I could there with no sound studio or professional equipment. I used the ipad and Wave Pad software to capture the sound.

As for the animation itself I scanned my illustrations and animated in PhotoShop using layers and then exporting frames as QT movies. Then I edited each scene's qt movie together with the sound .wav file. After I knocked off all of the scenes I took each mixed (sound and video) qt movie and edited them together. Easy peasy. The voice over styling of Iris Wellman, myself, and Roy Loghry were used in the piece, and that is Alan Hayes on the banjo in the intro, and exit of the piece. A big thank you to them and my wife Angela for all their help.

The animation is choppy, more so than I usually do, but that is due to the time constraints. There is also very limited secondary motion (arms, legs and other appendages moving about to create the illusion of life), again due to a lack of time. Another big time saver was re-using a background image from a farm illustration used in my children's book The Searcher.

I hope you enjoy the piece, feel free to comment here and share the link. -- Ryan