Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NYC Day 2, surviving Central Park

Here is Karen in Central Park!

Okay so we spent 2 hours this morning after breakfast looking for an Aveda Spa, which, if I'm not mistaken, can be found in each and every major city in the world, including the two cities Karen and I live in. We spent most of this 2 hours walking on Broadway, when we should have been walking on WEST Broadway.


Why they felt the need to name two streets the same, I will never know.

We did however FINALLY get to Aveda Spa, only to find out that it was closed until the afternoon due to training courses.

Right. SO... we Gugenhiemed. 8 )

Then we ate lunch, then we went and stood near the Brooklyn Bridge, but didn't get to go on a cruise to see the waterfalls because... wait for it... waaaaait... the cruise times have been cut in half because of complaints from the neighbors. No kidding. Apparently the hordes of tourists were trampling things(small children, flowers, etc). So, we missed one of the main things we wanted to see.

HOWEVER... tonight we will see history made, when Derek Jeter becomes the all time Yankee hits leader, passing none other than Henry "Lou" Gherig. Pics from the game posted tonight, or tomorrow morning.

P.S. I'll post pix and video from the game tonight tomorrow.

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