Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mount Saint Helens 2008

Last weekend was the annual climb up Mt. St. Helens for my hiking buddies and I. It's not a technical climb, it's just a long steep hike. The current elevation on the mountain is 8,365 feet. I only made it half way up this year, as I'm still recovering from an injury I sustained last year while training to climb Mt. Adams, which is just to the east of St. Helens. It was a beautiful day for the hike, and I was very happy to be able to hike again, the road to recovery has been a long one, my faith in God and the support of friends and family have gotten me through it.

You can just pick me out amongst the rocks here, Jeff took this one from above as the others continued on to the summit. To my illustration friends: I took my sketch book along and after I hiked back down to my Jeep, I spent the rest of the day working while waiting for the others to come back down. I really did get a lot done that day.


Rachel said...

Sounds like a great day!

Kate said...

Cool! From the mountains to the Big Apple clear across America - what a globe trotter! Congrats on your climb.

Noel said...

To bad about your injury. Hope its better.