Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Hi everyone! Today's verb topic is "Learning":

Okay, the kid on the top is coloring, instead of learning. That sketch probably a little autobiographical. Just about every paper I ever turned in had doodles in the margin. Something about that little strip of paper to the left, broken up by the 3 holes, it was a creative wonderland that constantly beckoned to me. I really enjoyed taking notes in class, doodle-doodle... scribble some notes on the lecture... doodle doodle... this probably explains why I had trouble concentrating in meetings as an adult.


Kate said...

Ryan, I LOVE this! And I can SO relate. I drew in the margins of my SAT in high school. I couldn't help it. i got to the "math" section, and it bored me. Weird things is, now I am pretty good at math because of all of the measuring, adding and subtracting I do when I design. I still draw all over everything. I have come to realize, though, that if I draw during lectures, I actually retain much more than if I do nothing. I am such a visual person...I can always recall specific points of lectures years later if I run across my doodles. And I have a drawing I did 20 years ago, and still remember the album I was listening to while drawing it in art school.

Does this happen to you?


RyanLoghry said...

Hey Kate!

Yeah, that happens to me all the time too. When I learned how to animate as an intern at Hash Inc. I took TONS of notes, and doodle everywhere. The amount of information I took in during that first year was incredible. And I can still look at those notes and recall that day, and what I learned. And for the most part I have a lousy memory. Wierd isn't it?

neutron said...

I was the guy who used to doodle on all the desks. My teachers hated me but I think it spruced things up. My grade 11 chem teacher made a habit of me wiping down all the desks. I haven't really doodled since ...

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Yes!! The doodling on the margin! Why is that?? Is like there is a special supreme force that makes our hands leave the middle of the page were all the straight lines are and just dive into the margin. I usually start decorating around the punch holes first :o)

Love the sketches Ryan! What's the bottom kid holding in his hand? A frog? I can't tell very well.

RyanLoghry said...

Hi Alicia! It's a frog in the boy's hand. It's easier to tell in the hi-res version. I'd like to colorize it, but doubt I'll have the time this week. Busy-busy. I'm heading up to my sister's house, and then we're going to a Mariner's game.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Hello Neutron! Desk doodling. You vandal. 8 )

princesstomato said...

love this! yep, i'm a doodler too. and kate, i do that with music too. it is an illness, i think.

great job ryan. i love the one on top. his body language is perfect!