Sunday, May 18, 2008

May 18, 2008 21 Day Creative Challenge Day 19

My verb topic of the day is "Flying" again. I like this topic.

Thier tongues are sticking out, because in order to fly you HAVE to make propeller sounds. I tip my cap to Kathleen Rietz, I decided to do a father and son after seeing her terrific father and child drawings. For those of you who haven't seen her work, be sure to check Kate out, I really like her work.

Has anyone in the challenge used I need to have a few copies of a children's book printed. I used before, and didn't like the results. Blurb offers hard bound, and a better variety of sizes and formats. Any info you could offer would be appreciated.


Alicia Padrón said...

Well yes.. flying is not the same without the propeller sounds! ;o)

They are really nice Ryan! Love that the dad is all dressed up for work with briefcase and newspaper on hand but still he is playing with his son. And they look like each other, great work!

And yes, Kate rocks!! She is an amazing artist and such a wonderful person too :o)

RyanLoghry said...

Thanks Alicia! I was thinking I'd do a background for this one. Maybe the family station wagon, and a picket fence or a hedge and some flowers. Something domestic.

Tom Barrett said...

Nice one, Ryan! I like the poses and how Dad looks like he is learning from the on, rather than the other way around!

Alicia Padrón said...

Yes Ryan, sounds perfect!! I'm picturing something like in Bewitched :o)

Kate said...

Wow, Ryan, I am honored. You made my day! I have been really sick this past week, and am finally back to making my rounds on the good ol' blog scene, and I just happened to stumble across your very nice post here! I was lovin' the illustration, and then I looked down and saw my name. Thanks Ryan! Oh, and I do LOVE this father & son. Your illustrations have a nostalgic bent to them. Highly entertaining. : )


RyanLoghry said...

Hey Kate! Well I'm glad your feeling better, and I'm glad to have brightened your day. 8 )

I've always liked your work, from the first time I visited your site via Illustration Friday.

And thanks, I appreciate the compliments on my work. I make a little money at it, but mostly my reward is making people smile. And that's worth it to me.