Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May 14, 2008 21 Day Creative Challenge Days 14-16

I was away for a few days taking care of some family business, maybe I can post a picture of what I was working on, if I can scare up a digital camera somewhere... anywho... Here are the sketches I did the last few days, not as many as I've previously posted for the challenge, but I've been busy. My topic the last few days was "Singing".

Day 14
This guy is pretty good, I like him. Sorry these are so rough, I haven't had time to really clean them up as much as I'd like.

Day 15
This guy looks more like he's laughing than singing. I was going for singing and dancing here. Maybe if there was some frame of reference, like he was on stage, or holding a microphone. But that expression still looks like laughing to me.

Day 16
These are the roughest of the sketches I'm posting here. Look at their hands... I really need to sit down again and just draw hands for a week straight. They look like they're wearing oven mits. So maybe they're singing about baking cookies. "We're making CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWC-OH-LATE CHIPS! Peanut-BUUUUHTAHR and MAC-AH-ROOOOOONS! You'll eat plate after plate until you go LOONY TUNES!"


lil kim said...

what great characters - all of them! I especially like the ones exercising :)

Kate said...

Sometimes it is hard to make a person look like they are the mouth needs to have more of an "O" shape to it, you know? But these are all great. Yes, the middle guy holding a microphone might help, but I don't think it's necessary. It's nice that you found time to draw while so busy.

My girlfriends and I always put on matching dresses, wrap arms and sing while we bake. : ) Bis-caaahhh-ttttttiiiiiiiiiiiii!

RyanLoghry said...


* golf clap * for Kate. 8 )

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Heee, heee... love the baking singing chicks!!! You made me laugh with that, thanks :o)
On the contrary, when I bake (like that one time...) nobody sings.. more like cry actually. I'm just a terrible cook/baker ;o)

I love your sketches Ryan. To me the second one's expression does look like he is singing, maybe the body posture, if you exaggerate a little the fact that he is dancing, I think might help the signing come across easier.

Great work! And to think you were busy too.. wonderful sketches :o)

Gina Perry said...

hee hee, love the singing ladies and the shy singer at the top.