Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Darkest Hour


Hello again, this evening I'm posting the animated gif version of this illustration I created. This animation is meant to illustrate how in Jesus darkest hour, he shined brightest. I don't mean to imply it literally of course, but figuratively. He calls us to let our light shine too, not to hide it, so that others may see it, and give glory to God in Heaven. That doesn't mean you advertise every little thing you do to make yourself look good. It means do good, and give God the glory, do it because you love God. Why we do good things is just as important as doing good things. Attitude is very important to God.

For the animation I painted several frames of white and yellow light, streaks emanating outward, and rings emanating outward. Then I turned them on and off on different frames, and viola! I like the way it came out, and the hand drawn look it has, rather than a processed uniform software look. As always, thank you for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed this piece. Below begins my original post, take care, and God bless!

Good morning everybody. Today's drawing is the latest in my Sunday Sermon Series. This week Pastor Mike talked about the crucifixion. It was a dark hour, but in that darkness Jesus shined.

Jesus prayed for another way, but accepted his father's will. Since the beginning of time he was meant to be the great rescue plan for us, and he did it. For me, and for you. He wants a relationship with me, and with you.

Here are some verses that Mike used: 1 Corinthians 4:6-9 In dark places God reveals His Son in and through us. John 12:23-28 When the hour turns dark stay focused on the goal. John 12:32-36 When our hearts harden we stumble in unbelief. John 13:23-28 Serving those who misunderstand or even betray us. John 13:12-17 Serving with a right heart dispels darkness in my heart.

The text at the bottom of the illustration is something new I learned from the sermon. I had always thought that when Jesus said "It is finished." he just meant that he was dying, that the crucifixion was over. Before this sermon I had never heard about the "Paid in Full" phrase/definition from Jesus' time. It's always important to keep in mind the culture of the times you are reading/studying about. Otherwise you can completely miss an important point. I am so thankful that my debt is paid in full.

As always this drawing was done with pencil in my sketchbook, then I scanned it, and used several layers in PhotoShop to paint the color, and lighting effect. As always I used muted colors, a very ingrained part of my style. This drawing has little detail though, because I wanted to focus on the light in the darkness. None of us like to go through hard times, times that test our faith. But it is in those times that we mature in our faith. Those times show the people around you who Jesus is. Who he can be to them.

I hope you enjoyed this drawing, feel free to leave a comment, or ask me a question. Thank you again for stopping by. Have a great day, and God bless. --Ryan

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