Friday, April 1, 2011


Hello! This week I've made some updates to my web site: I swapped my old Design page for a new Books page, and then added a page for each book I finished, The Little Leaf, The Searcher, and The Daydreamer. So head on over and check it out.


kari said...

Love the new section on books Ry - it's super cool how you give a peek of what's in the book next to the description.

RyanLoghry said...

Thanks Kari! 8 )

I thought it would be a fun project (building the pages), and I learned some new css style skills. Hopefully I will be able to put those to use, earn some moola for my family.

RyanLoghry said...

P.S. Did you notice that the octopus is animated? 8 )