Thursday, September 2, 2010


The search continues for a new sketchbook. I've used the Canson sketch journal for almost 10 years, it was perfect, 80 lbs. paper with a slightly creamy tone, which kept the glare down when working out of doors, hard bound for durability and comfort of use (I detest spiral bound). Unfortunately the good folks at Canson decided to stop making them.

I'm currently using a Travelogue made by Hand Book. It's hard bound and durable, and has heavy paper, but it's too small for the work I do, and the paper isn't of the best quality. I'm also trying an oversized Canson spiral bound Mixed Media pad with 90lbs. paper. My idea was to remove the sheets as I finish them, scan them for color work, then pile the pages up and have them bound eventually. We'll see how or if that works.

I took this snapshot of the sunrise this morning. It was a very misty-foggy morning here in Yacolt, which made for some interesting lighting. This is the least foggy of the pictures I took, but I really liked that sunburst. Enjoy, I hope you all have a great day.

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