Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jesus Walks On Water

Here is a little test I did today. I've been learning a lot in my Flash class, and have been itching to work on this project since last year when I did the first sketches. There's a lot to be done to this, including a walk cycle for Jesus, a boat, and the apostles, and a much better/richer painting for the background. Be sure to leave a comment on the blog here, and thank you for stopping by.

Click on the image to go see the animation, click on the "Jesus Walks On Water" title to leave a comment.

Update: Yesterday monring I went back and added a few more clouds, and a lightening strike to add to the stormy feel. It's my first "effect" in Flash, I think it came out okay.


kari said...

very groovy Ry - I love the waves!!

Kay Loghry said...

hey, hey! very nice. interested in seeing how it all works out. Kay

Kay Loghry said...

I liked it. anxious to see how you do the rest of it. Kay