Monday, February 25, 2008

February 25, 2008 My Workspace

I've been tagged by ninaseven to show where I do my creative work. I live in a small one bedroom farm house, and converted the bedroom into my workspace because it had the phone jack, and the best power outlets in the house. I resisted the urge to clean the piles of... creative debris off the desks. One of my desks is an old school desk circa 1960, the other is an old library desk circa 1900. 90% of my illustration work is in pencil, which I then scan on the flatbed you see there, and then colorize in Photoshop. Only one of my snapshots of my office came out, so I included a couple old pix to give you an idea what it's like where I live.

Here is a picture of my house from a couple weeks ago:

Here's a picture from the same day, of Lucia Falls which is about a hundred yards from my house. I walk over to the falls a lot, to sketch and just to relax:

Here are the people I've tagged in turn: Rachel, Mrs. B, imwithsully, jo, and Ginger.


Anonymous said...

wow ryan, were you born and raised there, or did you move there? what a beautiful place to live (I have just as much snow, yours is much much prettier)! Looks like you and I have the same animation book! ; )

a : )

JO said...

Gorgeous, Ryan. My husband is from Renton, Washington, but we're in Huntington Beach. Thanks for tagging me, I have to take a pic of my work room and post it.

RyanLoghry said...

Thanks Andi, I really like it here. I was raised a few miles away from here. I rent this house from my friends parents. It's a 60 acre tree farm. Lots of room for hiking around, pestering deer, looking at trees.

You mean Cartoon Animation? Preston Blair is the best, his key frames are such dynamic poses. If you can look at that book, and sit down and not draw something cool, then your hand is broken, or you are in fact a zombie.

I'm an animation nut. I can't help it. I'm currently saving up to get a copy of The Animator's Survival Kit. I don't plan on sleeping the week I get it. "Must... animate... !"

RyanLoghry said...

Hey Jo! My sister used to live in Renton. She lives in Maple Valley, which is just down the road a ways from Renton. It's a little more rural than Renton is these days. I look forward to seeing your pic!

Ginger*:) said...

Hey Ryan, I'll play! But first I will have some cleaning to do...and maybe my new drawing table will be here by that time. I was planning to take pics soon anyway.

I like your workspace...and really how much do we really need???? I think I could use a whole barn. Yep, in the land of "SOMEDAY" I will work in a huge barn converted into a studio that I would never want to leave. Oh boy, better have indoor plumbing there too as well as skylights, wrought iron stair cases, a huge library, big windows looking out at the mountains and a deer feeding station that is bear proof.

But you will have to settle for my smallish room with its window and my current view of snow snow snow.

Your home and surrounding area are beautiful. Much luck with your career.

Rachel Hamby said...

Your space gives away your gender. :) I'll post my pics on Monday. I can't believe I cleaned this weekend! How lucky am I?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan,

I've finally posted my desk, thanks so much for the tag...Sorry I've been a bit slow to do it!

a : )

imwithsully said...

Thanks for tagging me. Y'know, I totally forgot to get the pics off my camera after I took them the other day. Stay tuned! Kim